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    Welcome to Bubbleponics.com!
    Home of the Bubbleheads!

    The Bubbleheads are a group of growers, that specialize in hydroponic growing, whether it be in a Bubbleponics system, DWC, Aeroponics, Ebb & Flow, Hempy etc.. However we welcome ALL kinds of growers, cannabis activists, or folks that just want to learn more about our cause and associate with people that have similar interests. So please come one, come all and enjoy the knowledge and fellowship that is shared here on a daily basis.

    So, What Is Bubbleponics™, Exactly?

    Bubbleponics™ is the art of delivering highly oxygenated nutrient solution DIRECTLY to the inner root zone. The days of merely misting the outer roots with nutrient spray are over. Gone too are the days of over/under watering, over/under feeding; the Stealth Hydro Bubbleponics™ system automatically maintains the ideal oxygen level of the nutrient solution so as to facilitate a healthy thriving root system.

    The worlds first continuous plant feeding system, Bubbleponics™ is a hybrid design that takes the best from both worlds of the bubbler and drip systems. Since the nutrient mix is highly oxygenated, Bubbleponics™ converts its drip function to a constant feed flow directly to the inner roots. Without needing to take breaks to allow the root base to drain and absorb oxygen, plants in the Bubbleponics™ system are able to deliver unparalleled growth energy. This advantage is particularly pronounced during early vegetative phases when the plant’s root mass is still relatively small. Cuttings placed into the system experience no noticeable transplant shock and practically start growing immediately. In experiments measured against leading aeroponic systems, the Bubbleponics™ design shaved, on average, four days from a two week growing cycle, a 30% growth rate increase over Aeroponics in the early vegetative stage; truly amazing. As the root mass of the respective plants grow larger, growth rate advantages were less evident, however, the plants in the Bubbleponics™ planter maintained their 4-5 day lead over the aeroponic plants throughout the cycle.
    In a series of stress tests, plants in the Bubbleponics™ system performed remarkably when recovering from an over-fertilized condition. With almost the entire root mass destroyed, Bubbleponics™ was able to revive 67% of the plants which started re-growing new roots and were able to complete their cycle. None of the other plants in the aeroponic products survived this stress test. The tests concluded that the Bubbleponics™ system provided significant recovery advantages over other systems when it came to anything that stressed or killed that root mass.
    Hub Feeding Ensures Consistency
    The Bubbleponics™ design is, ironically enough, one of the first hydroponic products to use real irrigation parts. This includes a hub feed system, where the main flow from the water pump is broken up into 6 smaller feeder tubes via a pressure regulating irrigation distributor. No other plants sites are thus dependant on any other as they would be in most drip systems that use T'ed designs. This also ensures identical feeding conditions at each site.
    The Ideal Maintenance Solution
    Stealth Hydro specifically designed the Bubbleponics™ system with maintenance in mind. Almost all the parts used can be obtained from a local hardware store. By using mainstream brands in the design it allows the end user to easily replace individual parts in a pinch throughout their many years of bubbleponicing!
    Easy As Pie
    Considering that there are no timers to set and tweak for the water pump, and that the unit is totally self contained and mobile, this is one of the simplest hydroponic designs I have ever used. From setup to final clean up, bar none, one of the best high speed hydroponic systems on the market. Bubbleponics™ has raised the bar and changes everything we are to expect from modern hydroponics.